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Establishing A Finance Company In Nigeria

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant
role in the development of the economy of many countries. According
to the World Bank1, MSMEs represent about 90% of
businesses worldwide. The growth of MSMEs in many countries,
however, is often stifled by limited access to finance, as
financial institutions are less likely to provide funding to MSMEs
due to the high-risk nature

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More needed: G7 nations agree to boost climate finance

  • G7 to increase climate finance
  • No details, especially on size of increases
  • Rest of pledges lack specifics, say green groups

CARBIS BAY, England, June 12 (Reuters) – G7 leaders agreed on Sunday to raise their contributions to meet an overdue spending pledge of $100 billion a year by rich countries to help poorer countries cut carbon emissions and cope with global warming, but only two nations offered firm promises of more cash.

Alongside plans billed as helping speed infrastructure funding in developing countries and a shift to renewable and sustainable technology, the world’s seven largest advanced economies again pledged to

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The G7 sketches a development-finance initiative to counter China’s

JOE BIDEN believes that America and its rich allies must offer poor countries an attractive alternative to Chinese loans and investment. It is not enough, he thinks, just to put pressure on them to spurn business with Beijing, the approach many argued was taken under Donald Trump. Today the White House said Mr Biden and his G7 counterparts have agreed to form a multilateral rival to China’s Belt and Road Initiative that would offer such an alternative, at least in theory. The Biden administration is trying to sell it as an ambitious programme to build hundreds of

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More US finance giants tiptoe into cryptoassets

NEW YORK: Investing in bitcoin and other digital currencies remains a risky game where the rules could change significantly, but the payoff could be big.
In response to this dilemma, several leading US financial heavyweights are staying on the sidelines, while an increasing number are proceeding cautiously into the growing world of cryptoassets.
“My own personal advice to people: Stay away from it,” JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said recently, before adding, “That does not mean the clients don’t want it.”
JPMorgan, the biggest US bank by assets, is currently assessing how it can help clients transact in cryptocurrency,
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Welcome to the Era of Regenerative Finance

While few funders have fully realized the regenerative finance vision, a growing community of financial activists is applying its core practices in initiatives
that show how we can use capital as a flexible, purpose-driven tool to create healthy and equitable social and environmental systems.

Our complex, systemic problems are proving resistant to simple solutions, and
each one has its own web of complexities to unwind. One thing they all have in
common, though, is that you can’t fix a broken [name any system] with a broken
finance system. That’s why regenerative

— a concept that’s been percolating at the

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Circle Finalizes $440 Million In Financing

FinTech Circle has completed a financing round with $440 million, according to a company blog post.

The financing will be used to help Circle’s continued growth and organizational development, and to bolster market expansion opportunities as it works in digitally-native finance, the post stated.

“… Circle is now poised to meet significant global demand for its products and services aimed at marrying the existing financial system with breakthroughs in digital currency within payments and finance,” the release stated.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire spoke to PYMNTS in

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Chinese Bank Chiefs Urge Gradual Pullback of Financing to Coal

China should take a gradual approach pulling back financing to high-emission industries in order to avoid credit risks, state bank chiefs said Saturday.

Financial institutions need to support coal and steel companies to upgrade their technology to reduce emissions, even as they stop financing any further expansion of capacity, said Zhou Xuedong, executive vice president at China Development Bank, at a panel during the International Finance Forum in Beijing.

Explore dynamic updates of the earth’s key data points

“These [high-emission] industries have significant outstanding credit, and an exit of financing that’s too fast could lead to the deterioration of bank

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Startups Hire Financial Staffs To Prep For IPOs

Startups, which are raising an abundance of cash, are moving to hire more chief financial officers (CFOs), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

Usually, startups would have just a few dozen employees and would be looking to stay light-footed, keeping their payrolls less burdened in their first few years, according to WSJ. Many would delay hiring CFOs until they became more robust organizations and had more of the means to do so.

But now, balance sheets have been rising quickly, and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have

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Belt Finance Victim of Flash Loan Attack in Latest Exploit of a BSC DeFi Protocol

Belt Finance, a platform that provides automated market making for decentralized finance (DeFi), was hacked Saturday in a flash loan attack that resulted in a profit of $6.23 million for the perpetrator and an overall $50 million loss for the platform.

UPDATE (May 30, 23:14 UTC): Adds that beltBUSD pool’s loss was a total 50 million BUSD with the 43.8 million in fees added to the 6.23 million in profits taken by the attacker.

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Japan Finance Minister does not expect G7 meet to debate specific tax rates

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

a man wearing a suit and tie: FILE PHOTO: Japan's key economic ministers deliver policy speeches at start of parliament sessions

© Reuters/Issei Kato
FILE PHOTO: Japan’s key economic ministers deliver policy speeches at start of parliament sessions

TOKYO (Reuters) -Finance leaders from the Group of Seven rich countries have narrowed their difference of opinions over global taxation but they are unlikely to debate specific figures on minimum tax rates at their weekend meeting, Finance Minister Taro Aso said.


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Aso said he is planning on a bilateral meeting with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on the sidelines of the June 4-5 G7 meeting in Britain, although the details weren’t finalised.

The G7 will vow this week

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