Demand for loan ETFs ‘skyrockets’ as inflation worries intensify

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Demand for exchange traded funds investing in senior loans has rocketed this year as investors hunt for respite from rising inflation.

A net $7.3bn has been pumped into the sector so far this year, according to CFRA Research, almost doubling its asset base to $16bn.

The trend is linked to rising inflation and

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New scams are targeting VA home loans

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – The Department of Veterans Affairs is warning veterans about a new scam targeting money for VA guaranteed home loans.

The scammers are claiming to be with the VA or a mortgage company, attempting to convince veterans to refinance their homes, agree to loan modification or even start sending their mortgage payments to a new address. They’re also using fear tactics, trying to convince veterans that their homes are facing foreclosure or they owe late fees.

“One of the biggest things nowadays is that since everyone has smart ID, the scammers can find a new way to

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South China Morning PostIs China set to lower its loan rate for the first time since early 2020?China's loan prime rate (LPR), which currently stands at 3.85 per cent, could be lowered for the first time since early last year on …4 hours ago

South China Morning PostIs China set to lower its loan rate for the first time since early 2020?China’s loan prime rate (LPR), which currently stands at 3.85 per cent,
could be lowered for the first time since early last year on …4 hours ago… Read More

Should You Take Out a Loan to Go to Disney World?

I didn’t take my children to Disney World until my oldest was 7, despite knowing many people who have been visiting yearly since their kids were in diapers. To be honest, Disney just wasn’t very high on my list of places to go, so instead of visiting there, we opted to take our kids to national parks and other parts of the country. But eventually, I caved, saying we’d go once to give our kids the experience.

Well, it turns out there’s a reason so many people talk up the Disney magic — my kids had such an amazing time

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Student loan borrowers may get more time before payments resume

Serhii Shleihel | iStock | Getty Images

Signs are mounting that student loan borrowers could get more time before they need to resume their payments.

For more than 16 months now, most borrowers’ bills have been on pause, thanks to a break offered by the U.S. Department of Education because of the financial struggles wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, those payments are scheduled to begin again in October.

However, an extension is under consideration, experts say.

“There’s a great deal of discussion about what’s the right thing to do here,” said Scott Buchanan, executive director of the Student

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Executive at NASA committed covid loan fraud to pay bills

Before the fraud, Tezna lived what appeared to be a quintessential American success story. His family came to the United States from Colombia when he was 13, living in an unfinished basement. As a teenager, he helped his mother build a residential cleaning business while taking English classes through Loudoun County and meeting his future wife. He earned a degree from George Mason University while working full time to pay for his housing and car. He went on to study accounting, and in six years at NASA, he rose to the executive level — a “dream job” that paid $181,000

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As Biden mulls vast student debt forgiveness, he’s urged to keep loans frozen

As Biden mulls vast student debt forgiveness, he’s urged to keep loans frozen

While President Joe Biden holds off on delivering sweeping student loan forgiveness, as he promised during the campaign, members of Congress are urging him to extend some stopgap relief for borrowers.

Federal student loan payments and interest are set to restart Oct. 1 following what will have been an 18-month pandemic pause, but lawmakers are arguing that neither the borrowers nor their loan servicers will be ready by then.

They’re asking Biden’s administration to extend the moratorium — maybe so they can buy themselves more time to

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SBA’s PPP loan forgiveness deadline looming. Missing it could cost you.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Businesses that took advantage of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program in 2020 must apply for forgiveness soon or they’ll be responsible for paying back their loan.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), designed to provide financial relief to small businesses suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), provided loans to 5.2 million businesses in 2020.

Those loans are eligible for full loan forgiveness so long as businesses adhered to certain criteria during the covered period for which they could spend the money.

Businesses looking to have their loans forgiven were required

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I can’t pay this loan. Should I file for bankruptcy?

Q. I cosigned on a loan for my son seven years ago and unfortunately, l can’t pay it nor can he. It went downhill after my divorce. Should I file for bankruptcy?

— Poor

A. We’re sorry to hear about your divorce.

As you know, as a cosigner on the loan, you’re on the hook for the loan, just like your son is.

Sometimes, bankruptcy is the best choice to help people start over and get back on their feet financially, said Karra Kingston, a bankruptcy attorney in Union City.

She said many people who have car loans that they

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Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Inside Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan – SmartAsset

The U.S. Department of Education has canceled approximately $3 billion in student loans since President Joe Biden entered office in January 2021. The agency first forgave $1 billion in March for 72,000 borrowers with approved fraud claims against colleges, universities and career schools. Another $500 million was forgiven in June for 18,000 loan holders under the same borrower defense rule. And $1.3 billion was also canceled in March for 41,000 borrowers with total and permanent disabilities. Now, as almost one in eight Americans owe a record high of $1.73 trillion in college

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