Giuliani helper pleads guilty to violating campaign finance laws

In federal court in Manhattan, Fruman admitted to knowing he could not make donations to candidates in US elections on behalf of a foreign national. In a statement he drafted with his attorney, Fruman called the straw donor “an experienced investor in the cannabis space” and said the business plan involved making donations to “government officials” in states where marijuana was legalized.

One of his partners, whom Fruman didn’t name, made a list of Democrat and Republican candidates whom they should donate to, according to the prepared admission.

“At that time I had little experience in the rules surrounding political

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New Zealand’s campaign finance laws are broken. That can have enormous consequences | Pete McKenzie

The spokesperson for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Green party was genuinely surprised. She had called after I informed them that a major donor to their 2020 election campaign had subsequently pleaded guilty to animal neglect. The spokesperson said the Greens had not known about the neglect when they took her money.

They nevertheless refused to donate it onwards. They argued the Incorporated Societies Act required them to hold on to it. As I later found out, that’s not quite true: returning the donation, or donating it to an organisation like the SPCA, seems to be possible according to their

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O’Donnell pays campaign finance fine early; half is forgiven

Former Sedgwick County Commissioner Michael O’Donnell in October 2020.

Former Sedgwick County Commissioner Michael O’Donnell in October 2020.

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Half of Michael O’Donnell’s fine for state campaign finance law violations has been forgiven after he paid $12,500 to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

O’Donnell, a former Sedgwick County commissioner, was originally fined $25,000 after admitting in January to nine violations of Kansas campaign finance law, including using campaign money for personal use, false reporting and moving campaign funds into his personal bank account.

The terms of O’Donnell’s consent decree with the ethics commission allowed half of the fine to be forgiven if he paid within 90

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