Building up equity may be sensible route to finance property improvements – Gareth Shaw

Using cash built up in a property to pay for renovations is common among homeowners.

A It’s common for people to tap into the cash they’ve built up in their property to pay for renovations, but it isn’t the only route. Remember that a mortgage is a multi-decade debt, and so any additional borrowing you take on stays with you for the term of your loan. What might seem like the obvious place to finance your project, could be the most expensive.

Let’s explore what you’re suggesting in a bit more detail. Given that you’ve just bought the property, what

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Chinese stocks muted as shares of property developer Evergrande soar

SINGAPORE — Major Asia-Pacific markets closed mixed on Wednesday, while shares of China’s most indebted property developer Evergrande and some of its units soared.

Meanwhile, oil stocks in the region jumped on the back of higher oil prices.

Chinese markets were muted. The Shanghai composite closed just above the flatline to 3,532.62, while the Shenzhen component was down 0.24% to 15,021.17. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index rose 0.21% in the final hour of trade.

Shares of China Evergrande jumped more than 8% in the afternoon, after the company said in a filing that it was in discussions to sell stakes

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