4 Financial Mistakes To Avoid For A Good Credit Score

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When it comes to managing money responsibly, there are certain missteps that can have an immediate repercussion on your finances.

For example, unnecessary spending means less money in your bank accounts to cover your bills. Or missing a credit card statement can result in a late fee.

But there are also those money mistakes that may not have as dramatic and sudden effect on your

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Can I get a wedding loan with a low credit score so my sister can have the day of her dreams?

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Dear Credible Money Coach,

Is it possible to get a loan for a wedding? My credit score is low, at 550, because of lockdown. My sister’s wedding is coming up, but we don’t have enough money. 

— Darshan


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Refinancing student loans? Here’s the credit score you’ll need

If you’re considering a student loan refinance, here’s the credit score you’ll need, and some more details about refinancing requirements. (iStock)

Paying off student loans can always be a challenge but COVID-19 has made the process tougher for many borrowers. 

The Biden administration has taken steps to help student loan borrowers during this time, including suspending payments and interest on federal student loans. And it’s also considering other student loan reforms, such as possibly forgiving some debt. However, these efforts aren’t aimed at borrowers with private student loans. 

Those whose educational debt is owed to private lenders have

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